It’s in Your Hands – Prevent work related skin disease

Work related skin diseases are preventable yet 40,000 new cases are recorded every year by the HSE and it’s only the tip of the iceberg based on anecdotal evidence.

The objective of the ‘It’s in in your hands’ orginally launched seven years ago is to significantly reduce the incidence of work related skin disease. By providing information on what to look out for and advice on how to protect workers against hazardous substances, work related skin disease can be avoided.

The updated ‘It’s in your hands’ campaign provides useful information on:

• The causes of work related skin disease

• Employers’ legal obligations to workers

• Meaures to protect workers against skin disease

Employers are encouraged to read and circulate the booklet and put the poster up on notice boards to alert workers to the campaign.

Campaign Material

Campaign Poster

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Campaign Leaflet

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