Registered Safety Supplier

Registered Safety Supplier Scheme

All PPE must be correctly tested and certified to meet the appropriate European standard. Unfortunately, the quantity of non-approved product being sold into the UK is on the increase. Such products should not be used for business because they contravene safety legislation.

A number of items are available that claim CE approvals but in reality they have not been appropriately certified. Even worse, some items are in fact counterfeits of existing products. In our experience these products just do not perform as they should, putting lives at risk and again exposing the user to prosecution.

To help combat this, the BSIF has created the Registered Safety Supplier (RSS) scheme. Companies displaying the scheme’s logo have signed a binding declaration that the safety equipment they offer meets the appropriate standards, fully complies with the PPE regulations and is appropriately CE marked.

All Registered Safety Suppliers are independently audited to confirm compliance with the scheme’s requirements. A full list of registered companies is available from clicking the link below:

RSSS listrss-logo

Remember, by using a Registered Safety Supplier you can be sure you will only be supplied with genuine, appropriately approved product and you will receive sound advice without any attempt to mislead you.

For further information on the BSIF Registered Safety Supplier Scheme telephone the BSIF on 01442 248744 or click on the link to download the brochure RSSS Brochure

You need to be a member of BSIF to be eligible for accreditation as a Registered Safety Supplier. If you are interested in becoming a member, mail us here

Disclaimer: Important Please be Aware

Registration in the BSIF Registered Safety Supplier Scheme (RSSS) demonstrates merely an organisation’s intention to undertake and maintain its obligations under applicable legislation including but not limited to Regulation (EU) 2016/425 on Personal Protective Equipment, where we specifically draw attention to products such as Category II items, which require EU Type Examination and Internal Production Controls and Category III items requiring the same plus ongoing independent quality assurance through either Module C2 Product Verification or Module D Product Quality Assurance.
Registration in itself does not satisfy any of these obligations nor does it exonerate companies, officers, members or individuals from their duties under these or other legal requirements. BSIF cannot be held responsible for any misunderstanding of the application of these rules and the effect of registration in the scheme.