Training course and qualifications

The BSIF Safe Supply Accreditation

How many UK businesses ‘sell safety products’?

There are thousands!

Some good, some not so….Tens of thousands of products are purchased to keep people safe & healthy at work. But do the people selling them have any qualification to sell PPE/Safety?

How does the sales person know what they’re selling is appropriate? Consider that safety equipment is often used in areas of high risk and are potentially life-saving products, it’s a real concern. Just how can you be sure the advice you’ve got from your supplier is correct?

BSIF have launched the Safe Supply Accreditation – a publicly recognised qualification at National Level to allow your business to demonstrate capability to customers.

The BSIF has developed the Safe Supply Accreditation Course

• For customer facing staff to develop their expertise, knowledge and advice they provide for the end user.
• An E-Learning module course that when completed offers a BSIF OFQUAL
certified course qualification. The qualified sales person will be able to show they can supply products with competence. A great advantage for employers selling safety to the market.
• Further learning and qualifications are planned in specific hazard areas such as Respiratory Protection in the future
• Businesses selling PPE will gain an advantage over competitors by having
their staff trained as qualified safety sales professionals, able to provide
customers with expert advice on products and give them confidence when

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