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PPE RegsPPE Regs update

BSIF Guide 2020

EUOJ Dir March 18

EUOJ Reg March 18

Demonstration of Conformity

PPE Regulation (EU) 2016.425


PPE Regulation 2016_425 Guidelines – 1st Edition – April 2018

OJ 150618

BSIF Webinar – Complying with the PPE Regulation

BSIF Rules of membership July 2018



Dangerous Substances and Explosive Atmospheres

Contractor Installer Audit – locked – V2


Employee Audit Template 5 – locked

Equipment Audit Template 2 – locked

Install Work and Quality v5 Locked

Workshop_New_PPE_Regulation Invitation


Construction Dust Partnership – Newsletter 2 – Autumn 2018

Safe Productive and Prosperous Outside the EU Final 17th October 2018

BSIF Safety Awards 2020 Brochure

Copy of BSIF Service Awards Entry Form 2020

RSSS Hbook V8 October 2018

Bump it plus

BSIF AGM 7th Feb 19 (24) Proxy Vote Notification

BSIF AGM 7th Feb 2019 (24) Director Nomination Form

BSIF AGM (24) 7th Feb 19 Agenda

Bump Test Every Time 0318

Bump Test2

DSEAR 2002

Just because it fits

Cut Protection for Hands EN 388 joint publication from BSIF and BSI

Motorcyclist PPE

Placing on the market and products in stocks Latest


Status of Product in the event of a no deal Brexit ESF August 2019


AM BSIF-AGM-24-Draft Minutes-7th-February-2019

BSIF AGM 6th Feb 20 (25) Proxy Vote Notification

BSIF AGM 6th Feb 2020 (25) Director Nomination Form

BSIF AGM (25) Agenda 6th Feb 2020

Explanation of membership-rsss

Copy of BSIF Service Awards Entry Form 2020

BSIF Draft Fiscal Accounts for 2018


Guide to DSEAR


Safe Storage of Hazardous Materials

ESF letter COVID-19_virus_impact_on_PPE_market

EU Export Restrictions OJ_L_2020_077I_FULL_EN_TXT

Press Release 2020-03-06 EU Press Release on PPE

ESF Proposal of guidance to the EU Commission on Regulation 2020-402 March 20th 2020

EU 2020 403 Recommendation on Conformity assessment and MS in the context of Covid 19 threat March 2020

EU Export Restrictions OJ_L_2020_077I_FULL_EN_TXT

RSSS Hbook V9 April 2020

CE Certificate Checklist 2020

Q&;A on conformity assessment procedures for PPE and MD (1)

BSIF Safety Awards